I am Bar Mraz, a personal trainer and a model based
in New York at The Peninsula Hotel Fifth Avenue at 55th Street.

I specialize in BleuW, an unique new age
fitness water workout created by me.

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BleuW workouts

Tired of cardio machines?

Hit the pool instead, with this water workout plan :

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BleuW workout segment

Testimonials from clients:

Maureen T. (NYC):

It is a great workout- and it can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. Its low to no impact so its easy on the joints, and it provides muscle resistance as well as cardiovascular exercise. Bar is a fantastic trainer-she's a sweetheart but is also tough and inspirational. She was able to assess my fitness level and put me through workouts that were very challenging. It's an efficient full body workout for both muscle toning and cardio fitness. I'd highly recommend Bar as a trainer!

Ronald J.Stone, ESQ (NYC):

When exercising in the water under Bar's supervision, you yourself determine the level of resistance.For most of 2013, I was suffering from debilitating arthritis pain. Bar's BleuW was the only kind of aerobic exercise in which I could engage.Her methods work. Sessions with her are comprehensive. She knows exactly how to pace her clients, insuring that whatever your current state of conditioning is, you get the full aerobic benefits on a real workout.

Vikki Hedges, Resident Manager, Newport:

All you need to do is look at Bar's body to know she is doing something right! She has the figure of someone 20 years younger and can share what it takes to achieve this!

Ketaki (Newport Swim and Fitness, Jersey City, NJ)

I joined Bar's training sessions in my second trimester of pregnancy. Initially, I was putting on excessive weight, and was recommended to take up water aerobics as the safest form of exercise. As a mother of three with excellent fitness, Bar can surely understand a pregnant woman's body very well. Her BleuW workouts are designed to include both light strength as well as cardiovascular exercises, and she alters them to suit your bodily needs. They have considerably reduced my aches and pains making me feel more energized and relaxed leading to a better sleep, as well as kept my weight gain under control. It is amazing how much you can work out with water resistance as opposed to floor exercises, without feeling your body weight especially during pregnancy. I'm now in my third trimester, and still attending her sessions is helping me feel better. Bar is one of the most sincere and motivational instructor I have ever met!

Kaustubh (Newport Swim and Fitness, Jersey City, NJ)

I joined Bar's BleuW personal training sessions over 2 months back. I wanted to get back to my exercise routine but the thought of running on treadmill or elliptical was putting me off. I preferred swimming or a workout wherein I am moving. Bar's sessions since then have been amazing! I loved the fact that I get to do cardio and strength training in that 30-40 minute non-stop session. With just 2 seesions / week, the results started showing around the end of second month. Trust me, this is magical. Water heals you! Bar has been very professional throughout. She makes it a point to listen and understand your goals and devotes her entire attention to your form, breathing and the blend of exercises. She is very focussed and prefers training individually. Apart from noticing the positive changes in my health, I want to thank Bar for helping me with my wrist problem. For long, I had this loss of strength issue in my wrist and the doctors could not find any particular issue and had only advised me to rest it and use wrist support and do exercises using clamps to strenghten them. It didn't quite work. Ever since I started working out with Bar, she included wrist exercises with others and in 2 months, I felt a drastic difference. The pain completely subsided and I regained the strength in my wrist. As I mentioned, this is not only an exercise session but a holisitc therapy and I really would recommend all to train with Bar, no matter what age or what goals one wants to achieve, she is very knowledgeable and a great personal trainer. One can definitely see the results and they are there to stay.

Andrea B (Newport)

I am in my early thirties and have scoliosis. I have struggled with back and hip pain for many years. Bar and her BleuW workout program helped me to strengthen my core and lower back. Before I began my training with Bar, my back arched drastically when laying down on it. Within two months I noticed a signifigent difference, and within four months the arch in my back was gone! My back and hip pain has improved as well!


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